October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

I have always looked forward to holidays like a little kid. Now that I have a child, my excitement is just intensified. Due to the weather we have been having, our Trick-or-Treat time has been moved from tonight to this weekend.

But we had fun carving pumpkins( unfortunately those pumpkins will be moldy by this weekend) here are just the pics from my phone...

October 22, 2012

Camping Bonanza!

This is our second annual fall camping trip. My mother -in-law, her boyfriend, my sister-in-law, her girlfriend, and my hubby, baby, and I all travel to southern Ohio to Hocking Hills for a camping trip. Now, mind  you, I am a little prissy, so this is a rented cabin with plumbing, electricity, cable, two bathrooms, 3 bedrooms, fully functional and clean kitchen, and decent decor.

At first I had a panic because as soon as we made the treck up the gravel road, through the woods, we realized that we had ZERO phone reception. I mean, horror movie style. The only thing my iphone was good for was taking pictures and that's it. Then I realized that we are camping and with family so not being able to check pinterest, facebook, or instagram for 3 days wouldn't kill me.

Here are some shots of the cabin, our hikes on some paths and trails, and a pumpkin patch visit. It was a great weekend and I look forward to it again. Plus, it really helped me get even more happy about Fall being here to stay.

October 11, 2012

Wife Woes

Okay blogging world, I'm writing this post today with no other purpose then to bitch about my husband. I'm afraid that if I don't vent, I may end his life and I am too prissy for prison.

To some( those unmarried or in newly married honeymoon bliss) this will not seem like a big deal. To those married for longer than 2 years and/or have children, you will probably understand my frustration.

Over the summer, we painted our bedroom and since than I have been asking my husband to hang the pictures and mirror back on the wall. Why don't I just do it, you ask? Appropriate question... When you have been married a long time you recognize there are certain things your significant other needs to do. I would not hang them the "right way".

In addition, around this same time I took the changing table apart since Noah was out growing it. Then I decided to sell it to a second hand store, but we needed to put it back together. This is also still not done.

Annnnnddd, 3 weeks ago I bought a play kitchen for my nephew's second birthday and, you guessed it, I asked my husband to please put it together( what 2 year old wants to look at his kitchen in the box)

Well today is his birthday and who do you think is putting the play kitchen together..., ME !!!

What frustrates me the most is that I repeatedly, over the last couple months, have been reminding, harping, and asking him to please do these three things. Today he had the nerve to tell me that I "should have reminded him" he has " so much going on" blah blah blah.

Yes, I could have done all these things myself, but the point is that I asked HIM to do it. So the picture below is of the play kitchen I spent 2 hours putting together this morning ( including the little stickers )


October 9, 2012

Portrait Preview

We had a photographer take our family photo. The last one we did was when the baby was about 6 months ( it's actually the one at that top of my blog). I picked the first weekend of October because I thought the weather would be really nice. Well, the sun was out, but it was the coldest day we've had and the pics were outside. We totally froze.

I'm a little disappointed because the photographer took close to 500 pics and we barely found 5 that we like. Adam wasn't looking in half the photos ( completely annoying because I kept telling him- " look at the camera!") when both of us were looking, Noah wasn't or he was screaming.

Here is one photo that isn't too bad ( even though Adam doesn't like how he looks)

October 7, 2012

Camera Cleaning

We are going camping this coming up weekend and I like to make sure the camera memory is emptied and ready to go for special events. It's my worst nightmare (well one of many) to have a special moment happen and the camera memory be full or the battery dies. Call me neurotic (it's okay, I accept it) but I just had to transfer over pictures before this weekend.

WELL! it's a good thing I did, because holy pictures, batman!! I sadly use my iphone more then the Cannon and I was completely unaware of how many pictures I had left on the camera memory. It took forever, and I mean more than an hour, to transfer over all the pictures to their proper files on the computer. Not to mention, my iphone was pretty jammed packed with images and video.

Last month, we went to an apple orchard (I posted some pics of that already) but I found some new ones on the Cannon. Also, I pretty much despise our current location and our neighborhood and the city we live in BUT we do have about 8 trees on this one part of our street that are magnificent in the fall. We took Noah for a walk to snap some fall time photos and those pics are below too. 

Now I am all ready for this weekend.(well I still have to pack, and grocery shop, do laundry, and clean the house, but at least the cameras are ready)

Side note: I have an obscene amount of pictures on my computer... I mean 1000's of them. My goal this summer was to put them into photo books using shutterfly or something. Well...I didn't make a one! I just feel like it's so much work and money to get the pics from my computer to have hard copies. If anyone reads this, what do you do with all your pictures??? I'm afraid to only have digital copies, in case, God forbid, something were to happen. I would probably have to be committed to a mental hospital if 18 months of baby pictures were erased. That's why I feel like I need hard copies....what do you all do??

October 6, 2012

Can't Dress Myself

I'm 28 and I still have times where I'm in a complete panic about what to wear. Normally, I never post about my clothes or outfits, but I'm in the mood to make fun of myself.
I scheduled a Fall family photo session and I wanted it to be outside. I chose this weekend because I thought it wouldn't be too cold... Well it ended up being 45*, the coldest day of Fall yet.

I thought I knew what I was going to wear. Then this morning, I was texting pictures of myself to my best friend asking for her opinion. We are paying money for our photos and we are going to have them forever so I wanted to look cute.
The following pictures are my hysterical attempt at trying to find something that worked with the dress. I knew I wanted to wear the dress, brown tights, and my brown boots. Deciding on whether or not to wear the belt was an issue and also which cardigan to wear.

You should see my bedroom right now....complete devastation.

October 5, 2012

When Daddy Does Bedtime....

When Daddy does the evening ritual, what does Momma do?

She gets to paint her nails a fun way she saw on Pinterest but never has time to do because what mother has time to paint her nails with 4 coats and let it dry?

The only problem is staying up long enough ( after 2 glasses of vino) to let them dry without getting smudged)
P.S. I did my toes in a French!

October 3, 2012

Mommy Tip

I left Noah for five minutes in the living room alone. My husband called and he is out of town so I needed to just talk with him for a minute but my battery was about to die so I went to my bedroom to charge it.( mind you, we are a one floor condo so it was within sight and sound )

Then I hear a scraping sound on the hallway wall and look to see my son expressing his creativity with a ballpoint pen on my wall. Further inspection showed that he also explored his skin and my decorative couch pillow( seen in the picture)

Well, I called my aunt and she told me to blot with rubbing alcohol( I also googled searched this- even though you can't believe everything you read on the Internet) and.....IT WORKED like magic!!! Completely erased the marks from the pillow and wall! So Amazeballs, I had to share.

In conclusion: keep writing utensils far away from toddlers AND rubbing alcohol is a magic eraser.