August 19, 2013

Finding the time, with two little ones, to make a blog post is getting harder and harder. I am finding that I need to always have things pre-packed, or pre-ready, or pre-planned because spur of the moment just does not work out for us. For example, trying to leave for church, is nearly impossible if I don't plan ahead. The last two Sundays we have arrived with about 10 minutes left in the service- totally infuriating, especially since we live 40 minutes away from church so we have to drive all the way there just to miss most of it- drives me nuts. So, I realize that the diaper bag needs to be packed the night before and outfits for the kids (an most importantly myself) need to be decided on and laid out the night before as well. The number one thing I have to remind husband is little to no help, so I must do everything myself or delegate to the"t". And when in the most hurried flurry to leave the house always remember,  " Can I feed em and change em" and that will about cover your most important items. 

Noah is getting a little more friendly with his little sister so that is an upside. I still have to watch him like a hawk, but he isn't trying to hurt her on purpose as much. Hopefully in a couple more months he will start to be more helpful than hurtful. 

Stella is 2 months old today!! Wow! time goes so fast. I have to remind myself that I have about 6 months to keep saying, "I just had a baby" before I can't really use that as my weight loss excuse. I'm working at it, but it is a slooooooowww process.