Blog Beginnings

Hi! Welcome to my little blog. I'm Samantha and I live in glamorous Cleveland, Ohio(haha). I am 27  years old and just became a mommy for the first time.

*I graduated from Kent State University with a degree in Early Childhood Education
*I got married on July 5th 2008
*I had my beautiful baby boy on March 23, 2011

I have been desperately trying to land a full time teaching position but I've been stuck in a substitute teaching rut.  That's where I was when I left to have my baby. I was a little bored sitting at home, so I thought "Why not start a blog?"

I have always enjoyed writing for pleasure and as a release of stress. I thought a blog would be a great outlet for me. Once I had my baby, I had an explosion of thoughts and new experiences to write about. Plus, the blogging world let's me escape from my real world, even just for a moment.

Everyone says that "a baby changes everything" and they are right! BUT I didn't want to give up who I was before he came along. I would like to grow into this new life and become a better version of myself. And this is where I find myself right now. Will I get hired? Can I manage being a mommy, a wife, and a dedicated teacher?

This blog will be snapshots of a little bit of everything.
* I am charismatic, a tad sarcastic, stubborn, and opinionated.
* I am also religious, compassionate, full of life and energy.
*A true Gemini, I can usually see both sides of a situation.
*I am my own worst critic
*I never knew love until I had my little boy- a baby does change everything.