March 28, 2014

We Bought a House!!

I can't believe it. Even though getting a house was the end result, it happened so fast! Last Friday we saw the house on and told our realtor we wanted to see it. We saw the house on Saturday morning, loved it, put in an offer, he countered, we countered, he accepted... And BAM! Our house. It's been a week and we have the inspection completed and the appraisal done. We close at the end of April and I.. Can't... Wait! Soooo excited.

March 25, 2014

Mom, Dad... We're Back!

We finally sold our condo after being on the market for 11 months. I've been a broken record for years saying, "this is the LAST year I will live here." Only to continue to live in our condo. We are finally out and moved back in with my parents. My youngest brother is away at college and has a large room so we are staying there. My sister and her son also live with my parents. This means we have...Two 3 year olds, a 9 month old, my parents, my husband and I, my sister, and her 8 month old pitbull puppy. It actually hasn't been too bad, but there was an adjustment period. Except for necessaties, all our belongings are in a pod in storage.
Noah also turned 3 on Sunday and we had his birthday at my parents house. I just wanted to give him a great party because he has been saying, " I want to go to my house." He doesn't understand why we aren't going home. Other then feeling bad for him, I don't miss our condo at all. 

March 1, 2014

Parenting packing tips

Packing our house has been going pretty well. I'm so happy to leave our condo that I don't mind the chaos. However, trying to get anything done with young children, although not impossible, is very challenging. Like today, for instance, I was packing a box, the baby was with me, and Noah decided to poop on his little potty chair. This is actually really great because we are still working on potty training. The bad part was when he decided to dump the pot in the toilet by himself and spilled his pee and poop on the bathroom floor. I think I packed two boxes over a two hour period. Thankfully, my sister took the kids and watched them so we could get more done. The picture below is another great use for plastic wrap.....