June 30, 2012

Floating along

Friends of ours live on a lake and have a pontoon boat. They have an amazing home and invite us over frequently to float on their lake, drink wine, and eat good food. I was a little nervous to bring the baby on the boat, but it's pretty secure and he had a blast. Mr. Bob even let him "drive" the boat. It was a ton of fun.

June 28, 2012


(trying the blogger app from my iPhone)
Normally Ohio has decent summers and this one has been great, but the last couple days have been scorchers. It's the kind of hot where even with the air on, it's 80 degrees in the house.
We live in a condo and our neighborhood has a pool so Noah and I have been hanging out in the water the last couple days.

June 20, 2012

Let's Get Physical!

I signed Noah up for a summer session at the Little Gym. They run gymnastic type classes for babies all the way up to older school age children. Noah just had his first "Birds" class with 10-19 month old toddlers. He had so much fun (until he tripped on a mat and smashed his forehead into a pole) but even after that he had fun. I can't wait to take him to class next week. I only saw one other mom with her camera out, so I don't know if I was a weirdo or not, but I couldn't NOT take any pictures. 

BACK STORY: these classes are not cheap and I really wanted to spend time doing fun things with Noah over the summer  since I work during the school year. My husband would probably have a coronary if he knew how much the class was, but I felt like it was so unfair that he couldn't do a fun class that would strengthen his motor development just because we don't have a lot of money right now so...... I asked my mom for money. Now you have to understand, I don't ask anyone for money, ever. So I sucked it up and asked my mother to loan me the $187 it would cost for the class and membership and told her I would pay her back as soon as I could. I waited until Noah had his first class, so I could show my husband pictures of him having fun, before I told him what I did. I know many of you probably don't condone this, but after 10 years together I have learned it is better to ask for forgiveness than permission.

June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

When your husband goes from being your husband to the father of your child, there is an interesting shift that takes place. It's always been just the two of you until this new life joins the relationship. In my relationship, many changes took place when our little man joined our lives. Adam is a wonderful father (even though I sometimes question the things he does) and he loves Noah so much! I want him to feel special today because you go the first half of your life completely ignoring Father's Day and then all of a sudden you are being celebrated right along with other fathers. 

I took Noah to the park with a big letter "D" and a big letter "A" and we had a little photo shoot. I put the pictures in a frame to spell "dad". I wish I could claim original idea, but I stole the idea from Pinterest...

These were close contenders in making the frame, but alas, I could only choose 3. (FYI: I took 85 pictures so it was no easy task making the final choice)

June 14, 2012

First Time for Everything

We have trimmed Noah's hair ourselves but he has not had a full hair cut yet. So, since it is summer, it seemed like a good time to go get his first official haircut. He sat on my lap and got a cute little cape to wear. The hairstylist had to give him one of her combs to keep him happy, but he did a really great job! Yay Noah! Now we can spike it up and he won't look like Donald Trump.

June 11, 2012


I must admit,  I am a little slow when it comes to technology. I just discovered this new app through instagram called, instaframe-so cool! It lets you make collages, edit photos, and add text. Here is a sample of my first go at it...

Here is just a hodge-podge of photos that I have been so far behind in posting.  Noah just loves Lola and climbs on her all the time. She is so patient. Our lives didn't just change, but so did hers. Now she has to put up with being pulled on, sat on, chased, and poked. I think she likes it though, she handles it really well.

I put Noah on one of those mechanical rides outside of most stores, for the first time about a week ago. As you can see, before it started moving, he was totally happy. As soon as I put in the money, he was not so happy anymore.

June 9, 2012

This just in...

Oh my goodness!! I am so far behind in my posting and I have so much to post. I finally broke down and went with Google Chrome! It was a painstaking process trying to make a blog post, since Blogger was no longer supported by Internet Explorer. Now, everything seems to be working the way it should.

 School is officially over with no promise of a position for next year. We are going to just wait until August (because when I have been hired it's always been 2 weeks before school starts). If nothing happens by then we will make some decisions. It's really hard for me to think of walking away from teaching but I feel that after almost 6 years of trying to get a teaching job, that just might be enough. We shall see what happens there.

I have been feeling really bad about not looking like I use to after having Noah. I was just at my mom's house and weighed myself for the first time since Christmas, it turns out, I am only 8 pounds away from what I use to weigh pre-baby. I think those 8 pounds have all concentrated to my abs though. I still (after 14 months) have this pouch (you know the one you have to pull your jeans over before you sit down) that I cannot get rid of! ew. Anyways, I am fitting into my old pants so that is good, they just might be a little tight.

In other news, Adam and I were trying to decide where to take a vacation this year and if it was even possible. We finally decided to use his travel points (since he travels so much for work) and go to Ocean City Maryland. We are going to attempt driving the 8 hours there from Cleveland. I'm really looking forward to it.

Here are just a few pictures of what's been going on. I will make another post with some more pictures in a bit. Do notice that the first picture is of my husband using the shop-vac to clean off the high chair....

June 1, 2012

Birthday Jubilee!

School's out for the summer!! I will finally have more time on my hands because school is over! Yes, that is the perk of teaching, having two 1/2 months off in the summer. We definitely need it, because dealing with other people's children can be draining and you need to refresh, recoup, and build up your stamina for the next year.

My students made my name in pattern blocks today- it was cool.

Today is also my 28th birthday!!! I can't say that I am particularly excited. 30 freaks me out and I just don't know how I got to 28 so fast. I'm really sad about being near the end of my 20's. Life goes so fast. Coincidentally, my husband's birthday was on Wednesday the 30th. He turned 34, which helps me because I always feel young, since he is 6 years older then me. We did a mid week dinner out, sans baby for his birthday. I got him the first season dvd of a show he really likes to watch. He got me the first book to the HUNGER GAMES because I am really behind in my reading.