August 7, 2014

I Live With a Tiny Distructive Army of 2

I don't know why I am always so surprised by the mass distruction my children can cause in a short period of time. I have one three year old boy and a one year old little girl and together they make me feel like I have 5 kids. 

All I wanted to do was a quick 25 minute work out... Right, I know, working out while your kids are awake is not smart. I have not perfected the art of waking up at the butt crack of dawn to work out and shower before my kids get up. This means that I squeeze in a quick video workout twice a week while my children torment me and test the ever loving patience of my sanity. I actually take them to the gym with me three days a week and they play in the care room for an hour. All of this is so exhausting though. Getting them ready, then into the car, out of the car, dropped off, picked up, back in the car, home and out again is tiresome and frustrating. Gone are the days when I could hop in the car, grab my music, run, and leave in less than an hour. All while feeling rejuvenated and happy. 

Today really tested and defeated my patience. They were horrible. I'm trying to do lunges, which suck as it is, while trying to not step on them and hurt myself or them. My three year old knows better so I know he was doing it on purpose. I screamed at him, like a raging lunatic and then shortly after I hear him scream like a lunatic at his sister. Hmmmm, someone needs a break...ME!! 

When you stay at home with young children with no time away for yourself it can really get to you. It's important to take time to recollect and have a mental health day. 

My mom came over and I went in to work  and purged some files, super fun, right? YES! Why? Because I was alone, doing something easy and mundane with no interruptions. I just needed that time. The following pics are samples of what my kids do, in very shory periods of time. 

July 27, 2014

Little Moments

My whole family took a vacation to Sanibel/Captiva Island Florida for two weeks. We grew up going there my whole life but the last time I have been there was about 6 years ago. Since we just bought our new house, we just could not afford a vacation this year. Which is fine, I love our house and we have been doing little jobs around here that need to be done. I have still been trying to make the most of our summer though. 

Here are pictures from our hike through the national forest near our home.

July 15, 2014

"Shitty" Mornings!

Most of the time I don't even think about diaper changes and potty breaks because they happen a billion times a day, but really, I hate it. Sometimes I just feel "shit-on", punn intended. This morning for example, I went, of course, but my one year old was screaming for me to hold her, shredding toilet paper off the roll, and when I closed the door on her she screamed and pounded on it until I opened the door. I also had to take the dog out and she has been having diarrhea but today she pooped so much I couldn't even pick it up with one bag; a little got on my hand too. Than my daughter took her turn and changing her is like trying to put clothes on a wild squirrel that you just caught with your bare hands... Near impossible, messy( poop on my hands again) and dangerous! 

Not to mention, just a couple days ago my son, whose 3 and knows better, pooped in the front yard. I did not figure it out in enough time before his sister crawled over and was holding it in Her hands and playing with it! In full view of my neighbor who had walked over for a quick chat. Why? I have no clue. This is my life now.

July 11, 2014

Love em, Can't Stand em

These children of mine. I love them more than anything in this world. I can cry instantly thinking of anything bad that might happen to them. They are my everything....including headaches. Noah, at 3, can be so sweet one moment and absolutely rotten the next. For example: We have always taken Noah back to his own room if he ever came to our bed because we didn't want to start bad habits. Last night I brought him back to his bed twice. I woke up this morning and he was laying right next to me.(hubby is out of town) But then later in the day, he totally ruined that morning feeling. 
We were playing outside and my neighbor stopped over to chat. 

He had disappeared around the corner and I just figured he was trying to ring the doorbell( his new obnoxious hobby) Well when he re-emerged he had that guilty look on his face and I said, "what did you do?" He said, "nothing". A few minutes later the baby waddled over to the front yard and as I walked over to check on her, she was sitting in the grass holding something in her hand.... Well, she was holding a big, long piece of human poop!!! I wanted to vomit. I was furious ... My son took a dump in the yard and then his sister started playing with it !!!! Why? Why? Why?

July 5, 2014

6 Year Stretch

On this day, July 5th 2008, we got married. We have been together for a total of 12 years coming up in October. We have a dog, two kids, new house, new car, and finally two incomes( as I finally am officially hired to teach kindergarten)! 

I'm not going to lie, there's been some rough patches, but I think if you hold on to what makes your life great together then you can work through anything.

Happy Independence Day!

Christmas is my favorite holiday, but July 4th is a contender. It's just encompasses the heart of American summer time to me. Everyone in red, white, and blue, watching fire works, cook outs, friends and family together... It's just such a cool experience. Both my kiddos sat quietly through the fireworks show. We had to bribe them with chocolate and jelly beans to keep them occupied leading up to the fireworks, but it was a great night.

June 24, 2014

Life Lately

So summer kicked in and I've been trying to make each day count. When you are a teacher, summers are such a blessing but they also fly by! Do you remember how long summer felt as a kid? 

Our baby girl turned 1 on June 19th, there are pics below. I also have pictures of getting ice cream, a local festival where Noah rode rides by himself for the first time, and some other random summer shots...

June 7, 2014

Pool Days Ahead

My last student day is Tuesday and last official day is Wednesday and....I.... can't....wait!!! My best friend invited us to a pool she is a member at. It was gorgeous today and just felt like summer! I can't wait for more days like this!

June 1, 2014

Bye Bye 20's

I wore black to mourn the passing of a decade. I'm laying in bed at the close of June 1st, my 30th birthday has officially taken place. I'm 30. I'm really 30. I don't feel any different but knowing that I'm leaving the 20's is sad to me. It went fast, but yet so much occurred. I turned 21, graduated college, got married, had TWO babies, bought a house, and finally have a permanent teaching position for next year. When I list it out, all the above are amazing accomplishments, but I still feel like I could have done more in my 20's. It has been an amazing 10 years and I'm going to have to suck it up and embrace it. I'm "old" to high school students, rarely get carded, and have cellulite, back fat, and stretch marks... I guess I am 30.

I originally always said I wanted to go to Vegas for my 30th, but our kids are so young and we just bought a house so that was out of the question. I told my husband that all I wanted was a party so I can look back and positively remember my 30th. I also enlisted my best friend for the craft and  feminine touch. It turned out lovely.