July 11, 2014

Love em, Can't Stand em

These children of mine. I love them more than anything in this world. I can cry instantly thinking of anything bad that might happen to them. They are my everything....including headaches. Noah, at 3, can be so sweet one moment and absolutely rotten the next. For example: We have always taken Noah back to his own room if he ever came to our bed because we didn't want to start bad habits. Last night I brought him back to his bed twice. I woke up this morning and he was laying right next to me.(hubby is out of town) But then later in the day, he totally ruined that morning feeling. 
We were playing outside and my neighbor stopped over to chat. 

He had disappeared around the corner and I just figured he was trying to ring the doorbell( his new obnoxious hobby) Well when he re-emerged he had that guilty look on his face and I said, "what did you do?" He said, "nothing". A few minutes later the baby waddled over to the front yard and as I walked over to check on her, she was sitting in the grass holding something in her hand.... Well, she was holding a big, long piece of human poop!!! I wanted to vomit. I was furious ... My son took a dump in the yard and then his sister started playing with it !!!! Why? Why? Why?

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