August 28, 2012

Oh Boy

This little boy just cracks me up! How can someone who only knows five words, be this hysterical?

My little boy is 17 months old and he doesn't say much. He can say his version of Lola, hi, bob, eyes, uh oh, and vroom. The teacher in me knows that he will talk eventually and not to worry, but the momma in me is concerned. He doesn't even say momma or dadda.

So my pediatrician connected me with an intervention program in my county that will come to my house for free and work with Noah on his expressive language. I'm hoping I can see what they do and then take over.

For now, I'll enjoy the things he does that make me laugh every day.

August 23, 2012

Decisions, Decisions...

( warning: this is a long one) So, in my new found jobless loserdom, My husband and I have been discussing our options. Teaching is one of those jobs you have to wait a whole year to try again at getting hired- which blows. We also have to pay and take classes to maintain our licensure which I am due for within the next year. I am really trying to decide if I should give up or take two classes and extend my license for another five years. Since I'll be subbing again this year, I won't be under as much stress because I wont have the added responsibility of planning, grading, preparing lessons, and meeting with parents.

So what have we decided?.... Well, why don't we try to have another baby. I'm not sure if we both took crazy pills or what, but we think it's now or wait a couple more years and I really don't want a huge age gap between Noah and his next sibling. Plus, no one is going to hire a pregnant teacher, who will be leaving for a maternity leave.So I either have the baby before next school year or wait a whole other year. I know these things can't always be planned, but we might try any way.

Even though, we really don't have the space for another child in our one floor condo, I'm sick of putting my life on hold for this teaching job I keep holding out for. I think this might be my last year and then I will look into other jobs I can do with my degree.

Like my title says, decisions decisions...
Here is one reason to have another baby; my son and my best friends baby cuddling up totally made my heart melt today.

August 20, 2012


I really thought I would get this job I just interviewed for, but I got the call today that they "went with another candidate" but I had "a great interview" and they will "keep my resume on file."

I'm just really, really bummed. So for now, I feel like Noah in this picture.

August 19, 2012

The tides have changed

Well, I can't believe that I have another interview! It's on Monday and school starts Wednesday!!! That is just mean. It's for a kindergarten position which is great, but here's the kicker.... The AM class is in one building and the PM class is in another. That means I ( one person) would have to set up two classrooms in less than two days.

So, I thought I would make one more post because if I do get the job I'm going to be a crazy teacher lunatic . I'm not sure when I would have time to blog.

We took the baby to Lowes and we always have to stop and look at the lawnmowers so here are some pics to hold you over until I can post again.

August 16, 2012


I've been feeling a little less than stellar lately. I think the job stress is mostly to blame. Also, I was working out regularly and keeping to my schedule and then when I started to prep for my interview, working out took a back seat. I know a week might not seem like a big deal but it really is. Plus, I'm sad that the summer is ending. It went so fast. All those projects I thought I would get done just haven't happened. I wait all year for summer and it just goes so fast!!!

Well, the one little spot of joy is Noah. He just cracks me up. Sorry about the soggy post, but sometimes life isn't all perky.

August 10, 2012


I did not get the position;( I am really bummed and actually kind of surprised. I did my student teaching there, subbed for half a year and taught with the reading program for a year. I had two teachers in the district put in a good word.

The principal said I had a great interview but they hired someone who had experiences I didn't have. He also said it was a male teacher- which is very irritating because that is why they hired him. There are no male teachers so they usually have a leg up.

I just don't know what to do. It sucks to sub and we just can't afford to have my measly sub pay with my husbands job, it's too hard financially. I can go do something else, but what? And how?

August 7, 2012

Just Breathe

I am so anxious and nervous it is very likely that I may wake up tonight and vomit. The absolute unbelievable has happened... I have an interview for a kindergarten position tomorrow morning!!!!

I am trying to stay calm, cool, and collected but I have a feeling stress dreams are on the horizon. You know the ones; where you are late for your first day on the job, or you forget to place every order for every table at a restaurant, or you get lost going to an important event. Only to wake up, panicked for 60 seconds until you brain wraps around the fact that the horror you just experienced did not actually happen and you are going to be okay.

So, I am reminding myself to just breathe. This is an amazing opportunity, the one I have been waiting 5 years for....wish me luck. Actually, if you are a prayerful person, just say a quick one for me; that I will have eloquence and confidence and this job will be offered to me.

I will keep you posted!

August 4, 2012

Home sweet....not really

Let me explain... I am thankful that I have a home and we are able to make our mortgage payments and live better then so many people in this country. I hate complaining, but I really, really want to move. I feel trapped here and I need to just get this out of my system .

We live in a condo that was built in the 80's. We have our own front door, but we are one of 8 units in our building. The association payments every month are $238 (which is high). We have lived here for 5 years and have completely updated our whole place from outlet covers to reno. Kitchen. Which does help immensely. Here is what I can't stand....

* I can't stand parking in the parking lot and having to lug my groceries down the sidewalk and up the stairs
*I can't stand not having a yard for Lola and Noah. I have to put Lola on a leash and walk her for her bathroom breaks in all types of weather
*if my house smells like fried chicken, I want it to be because I'm making fried chicken and not my downstairs neighbors.
* I want a basement or playroom for all Noah's toys, because they cover my one floor house
*I want to stick my mail in my mailbox and put the flag up, instead of finding a post office box
*i want to put my garbage in a can in my garage and not walk it out to the parking lot to the dumpster
* I want to pull my car in the garage in the winter so I don't have to dig it out of the snow in the winter
* I also want the garage to store outside things like the grill, stroller, baby pool, etc.
*it would be so nice to not hear my neighbor's door slam and kids screaming

So I apologize if I sound like a whiney little kid, but I just had to vent it out. I basically want a family home with a yard in a neighborhood. Hopefully that will happen sooner then later.

I have included what one of the brand new buildings looks like in my neighborhood, with one of my hillbilly neighbors pulling their truck up on the grass. This building burned down last year and had to be rebuilt, so my building is not this nice.