August 23, 2012

Decisions, Decisions...

( warning: this is a long one) So, in my new found jobless loserdom, My husband and I have been discussing our options. Teaching is one of those jobs you have to wait a whole year to try again at getting hired- which blows. We also have to pay and take classes to maintain our licensure which I am due for within the next year. I am really trying to decide if I should give up or take two classes and extend my license for another five years. Since I'll be subbing again this year, I won't be under as much stress because I wont have the added responsibility of planning, grading, preparing lessons, and meeting with parents.

So what have we decided?.... Well, why don't we try to have another baby. I'm not sure if we both took crazy pills or what, but we think it's now or wait a couple more years and I really don't want a huge age gap between Noah and his next sibling. Plus, no one is going to hire a pregnant teacher, who will be leaving for a maternity leave.So I either have the baby before next school year or wait a whole other year. I know these things can't always be planned, but we might try any way.

Even though, we really don't have the space for another child in our one floor condo, I'm sick of putting my life on hold for this teaching job I keep holding out for. I think this might be my last year and then I will look into other jobs I can do with my degree.

Like my title says, decisions decisions...
Here is one reason to have another baby; my son and my best friends baby cuddling up totally made my heart melt today.

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