May 25, 2013

Very Pregnant

There is a level of attention that you get when you are pregnant that is kind of nice. People who normally wouldn't talk to you, chat you up. Your friends, family, and coworkers ask how you are doing, call more, and worry more. Your husband ( at least he tries anyway)does more around the house to be helpful. However, the downside of people having no filter, is that they really will say anything to you without thinking that it might be rude. 

I have passed the point of "cute" pregnant. My stomach is so far forward I literally feel like it might fall off my body. The stretch marks resemble a shattered windshield or a road map. The boobs are droopy and no longer perky.  So when that stranger says, " Wow, you look like you could go any day." or " Are you sure you should be out by yourself." or "Whoa, when are you due?" or "Oh my gosh,  you are really huge." It makes you want to punch them right in the face. Pregnant people have feelings people... and for your safety you should remember that they have more intensified feelings because they are hormonal. So, just smile, say congratulations and move on.

I have a little less than 4 weeks left, if I carry until my due date, which is June 21st. I was late with my first and had to be induced, but for some reason, I do feel that I may go early this time.  I rarely post pics of myself pregnant because I do not feel cute or adorable, but I thought I would share just a couple. 

These pics were taken on May 9th so I had about six weeks left at this point.

May 17, 2013


I have so many awesome things happening or potentially happening in the next couple months. The problem is, none of them have happened yet and I have a feeling they might all happen at the same time. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, it's just hard to appreciate each thing when it's all at once. The things happening are as follows...
* our baby girl is due on June 21st
* our house has been up for sale for 2 months already and I'm dying for it to sell
* job postings are on the rise and teachers can only be hired once a year in August ( which is only 2 months after having my baby) 
* I also have to renew my teaching license by next June, which means two 3 credit classes

 Oh boy, so I wish this place would sell so we can move. That would truly help!

May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

A 3rd notch on my Mother's Day belt. I can't believe I'm old enough to be celebrating my third Mother's Day. So far, all I've really gotten is some Malleys Chocolates, but it's just cool to actually get to be included on this day. 

I'm thanking my little man, who on March 23rd, 2011, made me a momma. In 5 weeks, I will be a momma of two- which is frightening but exciting. This job of motherhood is tough shit, it's no joke. I take it seriously and love my babies. These little people make you love more than you ever think is possible. They frustrate you and make you want to hide in a closet and cry. The good news is, you are not alone, because every good mom has felt the same way. 

Here's to new moms, my mom, and any mom working their butt off for their kids. 

We went to church together today and here are some pics...

May 5, 2013

Life Lately

You are probably a parent if the following makes sense.... A lot has been going on but nothing's really happening.

We celebrated Orthodox Easter today ( Kalo Pascha-Happy Easter). Because it is so late this year, the weather was awesome.

I am 33 weeks pregnant and feel good except for my foreknowledge of the impending doom that will be weight loss after baby.

No bites, leads, inquiries, ect. On our condo for a few weeks now... Disappointing and irritating.

I'm probably going to be working almost the rest of the year for a teacher who is out for knee surgery ( this includes a field trip to the zoo) - not fun :(

So as you can read, a whole lot of nothing has been keeping us busy.

The following are a bunch of pictures of what Noah has been up to including park dates, play time, a new bike, seeing his Godfather ( ya that's him in the giant box) and more playtime. I've been way behind in posting pictures.