May 5, 2013

Life Lately

You are probably a parent if the following makes sense.... A lot has been going on but nothing's really happening.

We celebrated Orthodox Easter today ( Kalo Pascha-Happy Easter). Because it is so late this year, the weather was awesome.

I am 33 weeks pregnant and feel good except for my foreknowledge of the impending doom that will be weight loss after baby.

No bites, leads, inquiries, ect. On our condo for a few weeks now... Disappointing and irritating.

I'm probably going to be working almost the rest of the year for a teacher who is out for knee surgery ( this includes a field trip to the zoo) - not fun :(

So as you can read, a whole lot of nothing has been keeping us busy.

The following are a bunch of pictures of what Noah has been up to including park dates, play time, a new bike, seeing his Godfather ( ya that's him in the giant box) and more playtime. I've been way behind in posting pictures.

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