April 27, 2013

Sun Fun

One if the things I appreciate about having a toddler is that it is usually easy to entertain them. We had fabulous spring weather today and Noah played outside with his cousin and Lola all day. He didn't nap until 5pm( which is danger zone for having any sort of bedtime) but he did really good playing .

They just ran and ran; pushed toy lawnmowers around and had a sucker break. Once we got home ( he slept until about 7pm) we had dinner and went with Daddy to the park. It's now 11:55 and he only went down about 20 minutes ago... But I am happy that he and Lola could spend some time outside.


jen fuller said...

So stinkin' cute!!

jen fuller said...

your little boy is so stinkin' cute!! he kills me!

Samantha said...

Thank You!! That is very sweet! It's a good thing he is so cute because that saves him when he is so bad.