August 7, 2014

I Live With a Tiny Distructive Army of 2

I don't know why I am always so surprised by the mass distruction my children can cause in a short period of time. I have one three year old boy and a one year old little girl and together they make me feel like I have 5 kids. 

All I wanted to do was a quick 25 minute work out... Right, I know, working out while your kids are awake is not smart. I have not perfected the art of waking up at the butt crack of dawn to work out and shower before my kids get up. This means that I squeeze in a quick video workout twice a week while my children torment me and test the ever loving patience of my sanity. I actually take them to the gym with me three days a week and they play in the care room for an hour. All of this is so exhausting though. Getting them ready, then into the car, out of the car, dropped off, picked up, back in the car, home and out again is tiresome and frustrating. Gone are the days when I could hop in the car, grab my music, run, and leave in less than an hour. All while feeling rejuvenated and happy. 

Today really tested and defeated my patience. They were horrible. I'm trying to do lunges, which suck as it is, while trying to not step on them and hurt myself or them. My three year old knows better so I know he was doing it on purpose. I screamed at him, like a raging lunatic and then shortly after I hear him scream like a lunatic at his sister. Hmmmm, someone needs a break...ME!! 

When you stay at home with young children with no time away for yourself it can really get to you. It's important to take time to recollect and have a mental health day. 

My mom came over and I went in to work  and purged some files, super fun, right? YES! Why? Because I was alone, doing something easy and mundane with no interruptions. I just needed that time. The following pics are samples of what my kids do, in very shory periods of time.