November 27, 2013

Quick Dry!!

As a mom of two, who works full time, and has no extra spending money, finding the time to paint my nails is not the problem....waiting for them to dry is.

I was off work today for Thanksgiving and the baby was sleeping so I decided to paint my nails because Noah is pretty independent. Well, as I was applying the last stroke, sure as shit, the baby starts to cry- insert swear word. I remembered reading on Pinterest about spraying cooking spray on your nails to help them dry totally works!!! Where has this trick been all my life?!

November 25, 2013

God Bless Stella

It's so cliche, but time is flying by. I feel like each year time goes faster and faster,  like it was literally yesterday that I had Stella and she is 5 months old already. We had her baptized into our Orthodox Faith on the 17th. My youngest brother is her Godfather. She did such a good job, so chill, that is, until she got dunked and then she screamed, but as soon as she was out of the water she was happy again. (Read more about Orthodoxy on my Faith page). Most of the pictures are on my Cannon but I did manage a few on my phone. I actually made the candle- my first pretty large craft project. Also my first experience with tulle and elastic. I have to say, it was pretty easy and the candle turned out so good.