February 28, 2013

Baby Update

I have an app on my phone that tracks my pregnancy ( roughly) since you only enter your due date. I think it's weird to compare your baby to a food, but I guess it's a good visual. I am now more pregnant than not pregnant, she will be here before we know it!!

February 27, 2013

Deal Breaker?

We are in the early stages of house hunting. We know it might be awhile before we sell our own place so we don't want to fall in love too soon. However, I did see this one house that is big and beautiful. We wouldn't normally be able to afford it, but it's a foreclosure. From the pictures posted online, the inside looks well kept too. It's in a nice neighborhood with good schools. I was so curious I decided to drive by the house after work today, and there... Directly across the street.... Was the deal breaker. An apartment complex and not the spiffy, ritsy kind- the low income kind.

Adam and I got to talking about what our deal breakers are. What makes the perfect house? What makes the perfect house worth it? What makes the perfect house NOT worth it? We have been living in a condo attached to others, across the street from apartments, with section 8 in the same neighborhood for 6 years... I think this beautiful house might be for someone else:(

February 26, 2013

A little bit at a time

I've been trying to space out shopping for this little girl. Adam said, "every time you leave the house you come back with clothes." I really can't argue this, because I do, but I'm trying to just get a few things here and there. There is also a very nice second hand store in a great neighborhood by my house. They only accept clothes in great condition and mostly name brand. The prices are so good, I usually get a lot of things because it is such a good deal. I found these adorable little tights and could not resist. They are the smallest pair of tights I have ever seen.

February 16, 2013

We're Listed!!!!

Yes!!! We have finally listed our condo! We are going to try and do it by owner. Many friends and family we have talked to have said it's not that difficult. It was a hefty price just to list it on a few realtor websites, but we wanted to get our listing seen. Wish us luck! I am so relieved we have, at least, started the process and listed it.

February 14, 2013

Time To Go

I truly hate complaining, it is unattractive and irritating. However, sometimes I like to consider complaining, as venting. A quick vent to a friend or family member can help just let it off your mind. So lucky you, you get to hear my complaints/vents....

The very place that is suppose to be a comfort, irritates the life out of me. Living in this house can make me go from zero to crazy in about 30 seconds. Every day here, elevates my blood pressure and I must move. (I have a picture of the outside of our condo below, since this post will mostly be a rant.)

So the number one reason I can 't stand being here any longer is the lack of a yard. Every time the dog needs to go out, the boots and coat go on, she gets leashed, we walk her across the street to the dumpster to poop and then we pick it up and throw it away. Maybe it's just because I'm pregnant. Maybe it's because its freezing in Ohio right now, or maybe it's because I have to leave my 2 year old in the house alone, but at least once a day I have to take her outside and it erks me to the core. I want to just let her go and do her thing and then open the door when she wants to come in. I think she would enjoy life better too if she could run outside freely without being on a leash.

 In addition, I want my son and daughter- on- the- way to have a backyard to play in. Somewhere to run and imagine with a swing set, sprinkler, and sandbox. This is a must! I want them to have a place to ride bikes and dig up dirt and enjoy life without the fear of them being kidnapped by passing traffic or run over by a car in the parking lot.

OHHHHH the parking lot....the second reason living here brings me to an irate level. If you don't have children or live in the city, this will probably not seem like a big deal, but for me, it is.  We have to park in the lot and then walk down a sidewalk to get to our unit. Then upon opening our front door, you must walk directly up about 13 stairs to our living room...no mud room, no foyer...just straight up. Well, carrying a toddler, groceries, diaper bags, purses, umbrella if it's raining, or anything else that I need to carry just plain sucks. I want an attached garage so I can make short quick trips, warm up the car, put the baby in the car and then load the bags...anything that would make motherhood easier. Trying to get out the door in the morning for work and than back in the door after, is such a hassle, especially if the weather is crappy.

The last thing I will complain...I mean vent about today....is living attached to others. My downstairs neighbors literally bring out the most unchristian like thoughts I have. For one, it is a single mother of four who pays for her place with Section 8 housing assistance. This means my husband and I pay a crap ton for a mortgage and living right downstairs is someone who only needs to pay about $50 to live in the same place. She screams at her kids at all hours and they scream right on back. I hear every door slam, which happens all the time. The kicker is that when she cooks her fried chicken or decides to smoke like a chimney it makes my house smell. That just boils my blood. Smoking repulses me, so the fact that my  house will smell like smoke because my neighbors are smoking is something that I just can't handle. There have been many other things that I can't stand about living attached to others, but this should cover the main reasons.

So all that, combined with...
*needing more storage and living space
*the ability to get my mail at the end of the driveway and not walk across the parking lot
*the convenience of wheeling my trash to the end of the driveway instead of lugging the bags outside, through the parking lot, to the dumpster.
*Having both our cars fit into a garage so that I don't have to chisel the ice off my car before using it every morning.
*and being able to fit friends and family in our house for parties and get-togethers

I apologize, if you have stayed with this post through to the end, for the blatant venting that has taken place, but I just needed to get it out. I promise, I won't have another one of these for awhile, so please don't be afraid to continue reading my blog.

February 8, 2013

Parent of the Year

First let me start by saying, I am so excited to be having a girl. My aunt just bought us our first little girl outfit- love! I actually can't believe I haven't bought anything yet, but part of me has this worry that they are going to tell me it's a mistake and we are actually having a boy. I really don't know if they even make this mistake anymore.

So, referring to the title of the post... It's about -4 degrees in Cleveland, Ohio right now. I get home from a birthday party tonight around 9:30pm and walk around the SUV to get the baby out of the car. It's then that I realize I have locked my child( sleeping at least) in the car, with the keys, and my cell phone.

Thank God, my husband just got home from his business trip and was actually in the house- b.t.w. no spare key, so we had to call the police.

Everything is fine, the officer was able to get Noah out and the whole experience was about 20 minutes, if that. These are the moments, before you have children, where I would say, " how do you lock your kid in the car, come on!?" Well, now that I'm a parent, I still think it's idiotic, but it's just a horrible feeling and it happens so fast.

I just wanted to share because even though I try to be organized and on top of things... Stupid crap still happens. I'm thankful Noah is safe and literally slept through the whole thing, but it makes me feel like a bad mom.

February 3, 2013

Baby Sampson is a......

So super excited and just shocked that baby number 2 is a.....