February 27, 2013

Deal Breaker?

We are in the early stages of house hunting. We know it might be awhile before we sell our own place so we don't want to fall in love too soon. However, I did see this one house that is big and beautiful. We wouldn't normally be able to afford it, but it's a foreclosure. From the pictures posted online, the inside looks well kept too. It's in a nice neighborhood with good schools. I was so curious I decided to drive by the house after work today, and there... Directly across the street.... Was the deal breaker. An apartment complex and not the spiffy, ritsy kind- the low income kind.

Adam and I got to talking about what our deal breakers are. What makes the perfect house? What makes the perfect house worth it? What makes the perfect house NOT worth it? We have been living in a condo attached to others, across the street from apartments, with section 8 in the same neighborhood for 6 years... I think this beautiful house might be for someone else:(

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