June 28, 2013

Life Lately

Life lately has been all about getting use to two children. Mostly making sure my "good intention" toddler doesn't kill the baby. He will be all sweet and rub her face and in negative 2 seconds will try to poke her eyes or pinch her. It's going to take some time, I think.

Stella is a wonderful baby. She eats well( really well) and sleeps good too. 
She is nine days old and we have officially been home from the hospital for a full week.

June 21, 2013

She's Here!!!

Wednesday, June 19th at 10:36 p.m. we welcomed our second child, Stella Sophia. She was 7lbs. 14oz. And 19 3/4 inches long. Compared to my first labor and delivery, this second experience was significantly easier. I pushed for about 5 minutes,this time, instead of an hour. 
Even though we have done this before, it's still pretty wild that we brought another little person into the world. She is so tiny and sweet. It's going to be an adventure adjusting to our new addition, especially helping Noah adjust. 

June 16, 2013

Daddy Day

Just a real quick post of Noah with his Daddy. I ordered a t-shirt from etsy for Adam and he wore it so I had to get a picture. I'm super curious to watch Adam with a little girl. We just can't wait until she gets here. 

June 15, 2013

Splish Splash

There are so many things we involve our kids in when they are little that they will never remember. I have to believe that these experiences do help shape them and give them a chance to develop new skills and vocabulary. We decided to try a Daddy and me swim class ( since there is no way I am getting in a bathing suit right now). It only goes for 5 Saturdays and it was less than $50. 

He was a little nervous at first, than had fun, than was pissed when he went under, and last he wanted to play again. So... I consider it a successful first class. I'm also glad I got a chance to go before the baby comes. When she gets here, Adam will just take Noah so the two of them can spend some time together (and mommy can have a break from 1/2 her kids) Hopefully, next week, he has some fun too. 

June 13, 2013

So Close

I'm due on June 21st....that's 8 days! I really wanted to go early but she isn't making any progress. It looks like she will come closer to her due date or be late like Noah was. It's just hard because I'm so over being pregnant. Summer break goes so fast that the later she comes the less time I have with her before I go back to work. 

So for right now we are trying to enjoy our selves ( even though Ohio has decided to be rainy and gray every day). This little man of ours only has days left of being the only child.

June 5, 2013

Weddings and Babies

My sister-in-law got married this past weekend in Cincinnati. She works at the zoo so they held the festivities after hours on a really pretty bridge. It was muggy but decent and we were all just glad that the weather held up and didn't rain. Noah was a ring bearer and actually walked down the isle, I was so proud. 

Adam walked his sister down the isle because her dad did not come. They've been estranged for awhile. I, in my 9 months of glory, was a bridesmaid. It's tough to watch a toddler when you are all in the wedding but we made do with help from my mother-in-laws boyfriend. He totally watched Noah and carried my Nine West diaper bag all around the zoo. 

We had time to also take Noah to the zoo and he fell in love with the goats at the petting zoo. This child has no fear. He was putting his finger in their mouth and brushing their hair and giving them hugs... Totally grossing me out. 

And, just to update... I have 17 days until my due date.