June 15, 2013

Splish Splash

There are so many things we involve our kids in when they are little that they will never remember. I have to believe that these experiences do help shape them and give them a chance to develop new skills and vocabulary. We decided to try a Daddy and me swim class ( since there is no way I am getting in a bathing suit right now). It only goes for 5 Saturdays and it was less than $50. 

He was a little nervous at first, than had fun, than was pissed when he went under, and last he wanted to play again. So... I consider it a successful first class. I'm also glad I got a chance to go before the baby comes. When she gets here, Adam will just take Noah so the two of them can spend some time together (and mommy can have a break from 1/2 her kids) Hopefully, next week, he has some fun too. 

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