March 30, 2012

Another Obsession!

So now there is Facebook, blogging, Pinterest, and as if I needed another thing to distract me from life....Instagram! So cool. I am just beginning so I don't have a ton of pictures yet, but feel free to find me and follow me, my username is (sincerelys)

I am just loving that I can take ordinary photos and jazz them up a bit. I know I am also a bit behind in the technology because I just got my iphone a little bit ago. Here are some of the photos I have taken of little man.

March 26, 2012

Birthday Extravaganza!!

Oh my goodness! If you haven't planned a party before, holy smokes. There is so much to do and I have to admit, I try to do it all on my own instead of delegating tasks. In the end, it all worked out and everyone had a fantastic time. Noah is such a loved baby. 
Here are some of the highlights from Noah's first birthday...
The amazing cake from a local bakery. They always do such a fabulous job!

My girlfriend made the giant Rice Krispie guitar. I made little paper stars and had everyone at the party write a wish for Noah on a star. I'll save them and read them to him when he's older.

This was the dessert table. It was really simple and had specialty suckers, the cake, the wishes, and the silverware.

We didn't have too many children that came but I still wanted to make treat bags. I bought stamps at Hobby Lobby and designed my own bags since I did not find any I like in a store. The kids got a glow stick, guitar shaped bubbles, fruit snacks, pop rocks, and a bouncy ball.

The massive cupcake was Noah's smash cake. For future reference (you'll see below) have the cake people choose a light frosting for the baby's cake. (Mine did not have that)

Yes...this is my baby helping daddy unload the beer into the cooler we kept on the balcony. What can I say about that, he's a helper.

I found this awesome banner that I still have hanging up. It came with letters to customize for your own child's name and then the suckers a lady at church made for me.

My little boy starting to open his presents. He is so loved. All our friends and family put a lot of thought into his first birthday gifts, but mommy had to take over opening after the first few.


So, at first, he was not really sure about what to do with the cake. He just looked at it, with a bit of disgust on his face.Than he dug in and got really messy, really fast. To end the perfect birthday part...a dunk in the sink.

March 23, 2012

Happy Birthday, Noah!

Happy 1st Birthday to my sweet little boy! I don't know how this....

 Grew into this amazing, sweet little boy. It just seemed to happen so fast. One day you wake up and they aren't that little floppy infant you brought home.

Every month since Noah was 3 months old I have been writing him letters and sealing them. I plan on giving them to him some time when he is grown up, I'm not sure when yet. I write to him (and I know this will sound sad) in case something were to happen to me, I could still tell him all I want to say, even if I'm not with him. So for his 1 year letter, I am including the song, "Forever Young" by Rod Stewart. It just says everything I feel.

"Forever Young" Rod Stewart
May the good Lord be with you down every road you roam.
And may sunshine and happiness surround  you when you're far from home.
And may you grow to be proud, dignified, and true.
And do unto others as you'd have done to you.
Be courageous and be brave and in my heart you'll always stay
Forever young, forever young, forever young, forever young.
May good fortune be with you, may your guiding light be strong.
Build a stairway to heaven with a prince or a vagabond.
And may you never love in vain, and in my heart you'll always remain
forever young, forever young, forever young, forever young, forever young.
And when  you finally fly away, I'll be hoping that I served you well.
For all the wisdom of a lifetime no one can ever tell.
But whatever road you choose. I'm right behind you, win or lose,
Forever young!

Hear Rod sing the song here

March 21, 2012

2 Days To Go....

Noah will be one year old on the 23rd and I can't believe it. When people ask "How old is he?" I say, "11 1/2 months", because I just can't bring myself to say he is a  year old until he actually is a year old. My sweet little baby is a little boy now and I just can't believe it. It's just amazing how fast life can change when you become a mother. Before I had Noah I was obsessed with finding a teaching job and now, even though I do want a classroom, it's just not as important as it was before. The motivation behind wanting a job has basically changed. Now I want the job so we can have the second income to get a house. I want Noah to have a yard to play in and space to grow. He just means everything to me!

Ever since I got the iphone, I have been able to get some really great shots because it's easier to have my phone with me then our giant Cannon camera. Lola and Noah are becoming the best of friends, it's really sweet. Noah just loves his big sister and she really loves him too.

Noah loves to climb into things for some reason, I don't know, it must be a boy thing. One of the things he likes to climb into is the dog's toy box. I just can't keep him out of it- you win some you loose some.

March 15, 2012


I hope you love these as much as I do. He got a little frustrated but our photographer, Sarah, from Apple Tree Photography, managed to get great shots. Here are the preview pictures of Noah's first year photo shoot...

March 10, 2012

Here's To You...

Here's to you little nail polish bottle, sitting on my sink for 3 weeks, never being used. I had the full intention of painting my nails several times over the last couple weeks and it just didn' t happen. The thing is, I have time to paint them, just not to wait for them to dry before I have to do something that will ruin them.

Noah had his first stomach flu. I have been cleaning sheets and changing nasty diapers, giving him extra baths, and of course carrying him everywhere because he doesn't want to be set down.

My husband has a major work trip to Chicago at this time every year. The only problem this year, is that we have the baby now. So he's gone, Noah got sick, and I just don't get a break.

So once again, here's to you little nail polish.