Little Man

I love scrolling down this page and watching his little face change and mature.

I became a mommy on March 23rd, 2011. Little Noah Reese came into the world at 8lbs. 8 oz. and 21 inches long. I have never loved like this before. I just can't resist a brag page for my little miracle.

My husband and I were told that we would probably not be able to have children without "help". So we were very excited when 7 months later and only 3 months of trying we found out we were expecting.

Baby Catcher Photography :Did an absolutely fantastic job!

I just couldn't resist doing a newborn photo shoot. I have seen them done with other babies and they are so cute. He will never be this size again so I just had to have pictures capturing this moment.

I was inspired by his photo shoot and tried some at home shots. He held  his head up so well for only being 2 1/2 weeks old.

Noah at one month old. This was right around Easter time.

This is our "little monkey" at 2 1/2 months old. I have to say, I was a picture person before I had him. I loved to capture the memories. But after having Noah, I became a picture fanatic.

Rarely do I like to see myself in pictures, but my husband captured this great shot. Noah is 3 1/2 months in this shot. It was also 4th of July weekend.

His little smile just lights up my heart. I can't help but melt when I see this little face. I know that all parents think they have a cute baby, but I really think he is pretty stinkn' cute. I just love watching as he discovers things for the first time.

He just loves his puppy Lola. Moments like these make me so happy I am an obsessive picture taker. He was laughing so hard.

I mean, come on! I just can't resist this face. Bath time is one of my favorite times to share with Noah. He is usually so happy and content.

Noah is five months old in the above picture. He is so sweet and charming. I absolutely am 100% completely in love.

He is 6 months in the picture below. We had these photos taken by Sarah at Apple Tree Photography.

Noah is seven months old in the picture below. Just as sweet and loving as can be. This time goes so fast and they change so much. I just don't want to miss a thing.

It's time to post my little one's 8 month picture. He still looks like he did when he was born, but in the same breath, he has matured and changed so much. We just love our little angel to pieces.

Noah is now 9 months old below. This is one of his Christmas pictures that we had taken.


We did a little Valentine's Day photo shoot in my bedroom. Noah is 10 1/2 months in the pic below. He is standing on his own, walking by pushing toys around, and has one little bottom tooth. Time Flies!!!

Oh my goodness; Here we are at 11 months. We were just blessed with the sweetest little boy. I can't believe my next picture will be of a 1 year old.

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