April 25, 2013

Tis' the Season for a Job

Aside from being 32 weeks pregnant, working as a substitute, prepping for another open house, and taking care of a toddler... Not much has been going on. (Hehe)

I just spent Noah's two hour nap and 2 hours after his nap applying to job postings. Noah was playing so good on his own that I was able to accomplish things on the computer. I felt guilty for not playing with him, but usually he does not let me on the computer at all.

I also texted, emailed, and messaged all my contacts to confirm references and completely reformatted my résumé. This has to happen because I really need a job in the fall. It pains me and literally makes me nauseas to leave a 2 month old baby, but we need two incomes and I've been waiting six years for a teaching job.

My pics have nothing to do with this post but much more fun.

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