November 28, 2011

The Light Of My Life

Noah was checking out the Christmas lights for the first time and I snatched up the camera, (because I have an obsession with taking pictures of my son- I don't want to regret missing any moments) The most simple moments become so fascinating when a baby is doing them. I am extremely excited for the upcoming holiday. Christmas is my favorite time of year, I think because the festivities seem to last so long. This Christmas, being Noah's first, is extra special and I can't wait to begin all the traditions of the holiday. The first tradition is putting up the tree and decorations a day or so after Thanksgiving. Noah was able to help us check to see if the lights worked. Check it out below....

November 23, 2011

8 Months Old

I say this every month, but I just can't believe my little man is 8 months old. His features are starting to look so mature. He is standing on furniture and likes taking wobbly steps when we hold his hand. He's still trying to get the hang of finger foods and the sippy cup.

I am thankful for his presence in my life and being a mother this Thanksgiving. Being a mommy is a messy, time consuming, 24/7 job; But it is filled with love, laughs, and growth. My little man has changed everything. I just didn't know I could love like this, and for that...I am very thankful.

November 22, 2011

Babies will be Babies

One of the many things I have learned as a new mom is....babies can move very quick. You put them down in one place and turn around and they are clear on the other side of the room. They also search and find interesting things to play with that are not what we would want them to play with- case in point- Noah discovering all the old magazine pages I had thrown out the day before.

November 21, 2011

Our Little Girl

My husband and I were remembering how adorable Lola was when we first got her. She was 7 weeks old. Rottweilers are THE cutest puppies. They look like little, puffy bear cubs- so stinkin' cute. When she was little we laid her on the floor next to a ruler and last night we decided to recreate the scene. Here is how enormous our dog has grown in three years...

November 16, 2011

I'm Late, for a Very Important Date

Pinned Image

I can't even blame this on having a baby, because I have been notoriously late my whole life. I can't help it. I try so hard to be on time and I am always at least 10 minutes late for most situations. I am always on time to work and I get to church around the same time each Sunday, but other than that-we are always late. I guess I wait too long to start getting ready. I am always trying to do 1000 things at one time.
I have been making an attempt to be, at least, on time- recently. I really hate being that girl that people know will be rolling in 10 minutes late. I never make an excuse though, like too many traffic lights or something. I just say, "Sorry, I know I'm late, I have no excuse."
The only thing that does annoy me though, is when we are going somewhere as a family and my husband takes his 10 minute shower and starts playing a computer game. This is annoying because I am standing in my robe, trying to put make-up on while holding the baby and packing the diaper bag at the same time. It's like, "hello...a little help here." If I've learned anything since being married it's that you have to spell everything out. So from the bathroom I will call to my husband, " get the bottles and formula. Put in diapers and wipes....etc." you get the point.
This is all beside the point. The point is, I am really, really going to try even harder to start being on time- you are all my witnesses.

November 14, 2011

The Weekend

When you have a baby, simple things like going to the grocery store can be a chance for  a photo opp(or an embarrassing scene- depending on the baby's mood). This was Noah's first time sitting in the actual cart. Usually he was in his car seat in the infant stroller. He totally loved it!

I'd also like to say that before I had my son, I was pretty with it. Now I find myself having a difficult time focusing on what it was I was doing a few moments ago, for example.... Saturday I was cleaning the house and I was filling up my mop bucket with water. The baby was crying (my husband was in the bathroom) so I ran to get him and noticed that he pooped. I changed his diaper and walked out of his room to notice my mop bucket overflowing with water and soapy bubbles.
I could have laughed this off, but I got very irritated instead. My husband was on the phone and pacing the living room (which is attached to the kitchen) and he didn't even notice the explosion of bubbles pouring from the sink.  I did take my mistake out on him because I said, " I can't do everything, a little help would be nice." He said, "You're mad at me because I didn't notice the soap bucket overflowing." and I said, "Yes." That was pretty much the extent of it. We all went back to normal. Sometimes I just get very annoyed at situations I find myself in since having the baby.

November 10, 2011

Christmas Early!

I have been begging for a treadmill or elliptical so I can cancel my gym membership. I really only go for cardio. I am a workout at home kinda girl. We can't have a treadmill because we live on the second floor and my husband said the people below us would hear the pounding. ( I wanted it anyway because the people below us win the award for most obnoxious neighbors) But...I finally convinced my husband and I got an elliptical machine!! It is my Christmas present early- I am so excited. It has to be in our bedroom, which is sort of an eye sore, but I'd rather look at the elliptical then my fat stomach.

 Now I can workout when the baby is home and I don't have to find time to make it to the gym. I felt like a horrible mom leaving him at the sitter longer just so I could work out.

I have no excuse for not loosing this weight. I thought it would be gone by now, but that is not the case. My new goal is on or before his first birthday- March 23rd.

November 9, 2011

The Results Are In!!

Yay!! The levy passed in the district I work in. This gives so much hope for next year. I really hope that a few open positions become available and I will be given one of them. The levy passing was just one step in the right direction. Issue 2 (Senate Bill 5) also didn't pass so that's an added bonus. I have so much positivity about the future of my career now.

I have been trying to teach full time for 5 years. I have had little tastes of it here and there as I long-termed subbed a couple times, but never anything continuing. It is time to move forward and do what I love to do permanently.
Happy Happy!!

November 8, 2011


Today is an important day where I live. In northeast Ohio our schools are struggling to get support from the community. Unfortunately, in Ohio, our schools are funded by property tax. This means that people (especially those who do not have children) have a hard time supporting the levies because they don't want their tax to go up. In reality, a $100,000 home would pay around $201.00 a year.
Normally I am not very political but this issue is important to my future. If the levy fails where I work, they will cut dozens of teachers. Most of the teachers cut are those having worked 5 years or less. (Even though the older teachers are the ones making more)
If they cut teachers, I will never have a chance to get in the district because they would hire back the "fired" teachers first. I'm hoping and praying that the voters choose to help the schools!!!

November 6, 2011

Poor Puppy

Lola was our baby before we had the baby. We totally spoiled her and gave her a ton of attention; Walks, park dates, new toys, cuddle time, name it. Now, little man is here and he gets most of the attention. We still go on walks and give Lola affection but it's nothing like we use to. I feel bad for her. I hope she knows that we still love her.

Perfect example: My husband was crawling on the floor, chasing the baby. Everyone was laughing and then 96 pound Lola wants to get in on the action and knocked the baby over. Lola gets yelled at and sulks away. Do you ever wonder what your dog is thinking?

November 1, 2011


I am very much aware that Noah is not old enough to trick-or-treat, but we went out anyway. We went around to about 4 houses with his cousin. It was just for the experience (and photos). Check out the festivities below...

BTW: CANNOT believe it is November 1st. Holy Cannoli! Does anyone else feel like time is going at warp speed? How come the first 10 years of my life took forever and these last 10 years have gone at hyper drive. Just trying to absorb every moment and take pictures so I can look back and remember all these times that are flying by.