November 16, 2011

I'm Late, for a Very Important Date

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I can't even blame this on having a baby, because I have been notoriously late my whole life. I can't help it. I try so hard to be on time and I am always at least 10 minutes late for most situations. I am always on time to work and I get to church around the same time each Sunday, but other than that-we are always late. I guess I wait too long to start getting ready. I am always trying to do 1000 things at one time.
I have been making an attempt to be, at least, on time- recently. I really hate being that girl that people know will be rolling in 10 minutes late. I never make an excuse though, like too many traffic lights or something. I just say, "Sorry, I know I'm late, I have no excuse."
The only thing that does annoy me though, is when we are going somewhere as a family and my husband takes his 10 minute shower and starts playing a computer game. This is annoying because I am standing in my robe, trying to put make-up on while holding the baby and packing the diaper bag at the same time. It's like, "hello...a little help here." If I've learned anything since being married it's that you have to spell everything out. So from the bathroom I will call to my husband, " get the bottles and formula. Put in diapers and wipes....etc." you get the point.
This is all beside the point. The point is, I am really, really going to try even harder to start being on time- you are all my witnesses.

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Me & My 2 Randys said...

My sister stumbled upon your post. And then forwarded to me. We are both in that attempt to be on time now too. Hope you are having more luck than we are, love your blog!