November 14, 2011

The Weekend

When you have a baby, simple things like going to the grocery store can be a chance for  a photo opp(or an embarrassing scene- depending on the baby's mood). This was Noah's first time sitting in the actual cart. Usually he was in his car seat in the infant stroller. He totally loved it!

I'd also like to say that before I had my son, I was pretty with it. Now I find myself having a difficult time focusing on what it was I was doing a few moments ago, for example.... Saturday I was cleaning the house and I was filling up my mop bucket with water. The baby was crying (my husband was in the bathroom) so I ran to get him and noticed that he pooped. I changed his diaper and walked out of his room to notice my mop bucket overflowing with water and soapy bubbles.
I could have laughed this off, but I got very irritated instead. My husband was on the phone and pacing the living room (which is attached to the kitchen) and he didn't even notice the explosion of bubbles pouring from the sink.  I did take my mistake out on him because I said, " I can't do everything, a little help would be nice." He said, "You're mad at me because I didn't notice the soap bucket overflowing." and I said, "Yes." That was pretty much the extent of it. We all went back to normal. Sometimes I just get very annoyed at situations I find myself in since having the baby.

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Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

This sounds so incredibly normal! I do stuff like this and I don't even have a baby! I know it was an irritating situation, but I had to smile while reading...because I can totally see this happening in my house too! :)