November 8, 2011


Today is an important day where I live. In northeast Ohio our schools are struggling to get support from the community. Unfortunately, in Ohio, our schools are funded by property tax. This means that people (especially those who do not have children) have a hard time supporting the levies because they don't want their tax to go up. In reality, a $100,000 home would pay around $201.00 a year.
Normally I am not very political but this issue is important to my future. If the levy fails where I work, they will cut dozens of teachers. Most of the teachers cut are those having worked 5 years or less. (Even though the older teachers are the ones making more)
If they cut teachers, I will never have a chance to get in the district because they would hire back the "fired" teachers first. I'm hoping and praying that the voters choose to help the schools!!!

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