February 8, 2013

Parent of the Year

First let me start by saying, I am so excited to be having a girl. My aunt just bought us our first little girl outfit- love! I actually can't believe I haven't bought anything yet, but part of me has this worry that they are going to tell me it's a mistake and we are actually having a boy. I really don't know if they even make this mistake anymore.

So, referring to the title of the post... It's about -4 degrees in Cleveland, Ohio right now. I get home from a birthday party tonight around 9:30pm and walk around the SUV to get the baby out of the car. It's then that I realize I have locked my child( sleeping at least) in the car, with the keys, and my cell phone.

Thank God, my husband just got home from his business trip and was actually in the house- b.t.w. no spare key, so we had to call the police.

Everything is fine, the officer was able to get Noah out and the whole experience was about 20 minutes, if that. These are the moments, before you have children, where I would say, " how do you lock your kid in the car, come on!?" Well, now that I'm a parent, I still think it's idiotic, but it's just a horrible feeling and it happens so fast.

I just wanted to share because even though I try to be organized and on top of things... Stupid crap still happens. I'm thankful Noah is safe and literally slept through the whole thing, but it makes me feel like a bad mom.


Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

Oh my goodness! You have to admit, now that your little one is safe... that's a pretty funny story! :)
Congrats on your little girl!
We find out the sex of our baby on February 20th!!! Can't wait!

Samantha said...

I am not one of those people that can be surprised. I need to prepare and plan and SHOP!! It's exciting when you can refer to your baby as "he" or "she" and not, "the baby".