June 1, 2014

Bye Bye 20's

I wore black to mourn the passing of a decade. I'm laying in bed at the close of June 1st, my 30th birthday has officially taken place. I'm 30. I'm really 30. I don't feel any different but knowing that I'm leaving the 20's is sad to me. It went fast, but yet so much occurred. I turned 21, graduated college, got married, had TWO babies, bought a house, and finally have a permanent teaching position for next year. When I list it out, all the above are amazing accomplishments, but I still feel like I could have done more in my 20's. It has been an amazing 10 years and I'm going to have to suck it up and embrace it. I'm "old" to high school students, rarely get carded, and have cellulite, back fat, and stretch marks... I guess I am 30.

I originally always said I wanted to go to Vegas for my 30th, but our kids are so young and we just bought a house so that was out of the question. I told my husband that all I wanted was a party so I can look back and positively remember my 30th. I also enlisted my best friend for the craft and  feminine touch. It turned out lovely. 

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