October 7, 2012

Camera Cleaning

We are going camping this coming up weekend and I like to make sure the camera memory is emptied and ready to go for special events. It's my worst nightmare (well one of many) to have a special moment happen and the camera memory be full or the battery dies. Call me neurotic (it's okay, I accept it) but I just had to transfer over pictures before this weekend.

WELL! it's a good thing I did, because holy pictures, batman!! I sadly use my iphone more then the Cannon and I was completely unaware of how many pictures I had left on the camera memory. It took forever, and I mean more than an hour, to transfer over all the pictures to their proper files on the computer. Not to mention, my iphone was pretty jammed packed with images and video.

Last month, we went to an apple orchard (I posted some pics of that already) but I found some new ones on the Cannon. Also, I pretty much despise our current location and our neighborhood and the city we live in BUT we do have about 8 trees on this one part of our street that are magnificent in the fall. We took Noah for a walk to snap some fall time photos and those pics are below too. 

Now I am all ready for this weekend.(well I still have to pack, and grocery shop, do laundry, and clean the house, but at least the cameras are ready)

Side note: I have an obscene amount of pictures on my computer... I mean 1000's of them. My goal this summer was to put them into photo books using shutterfly or something. Well...I didn't make a one! I just feel like it's so much work and money to get the pics from my computer to have hard copies. If anyone reads this, what do you do with all your pictures??? I'm afraid to only have digital copies, in case, God forbid, something were to happen. I would probably have to be committed to a mental hospital if 18 months of baby pictures were erased. That's why I feel like I need hard copies....what do you all do??


Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

That's funny, I do the same thing! I always head to my iPhone photos first and completely forget about the photos on my "real" camera...and they're always so much better on my canon! :)

Your photos are beautiful!! I'm loving all of these fall colors! :)

Samantha said...

Thank you!! I'm totally feeling Fall now, I just had to get into it.