September 20, 2011


I hope other new moms have experienced what I am going through. I feel myself noticing every woman walking around with an infant and thinking, so unfair, her baby can't be much older than Noah and look how thin she looks. I was small before the baby (not a model by any means, but able to wear size 4's) and I truly thought I would be back in my old pants-HA! the jokes on me because I am currently not even close to my old size. Up until yesterday I was still wearing maternity pants and I couldn't take it anymore so I finally gave in a bought two pairs of pants.

The reason I was holding off was because I thought I would be back in my old size again and I didn't want to waste money on new pants. Now that I am back at work, my wardrobe is way too limiting and I needed to get pants. If there ever was a more disheartening moment; standing in that dressing room having to choose pants 5 sizes too big, was an emotional overload. I feel so defeated.

Not only that, but I feel like after wearing maternity clothes and then not fitting into my old clothes yet, I am having a fashion regression. I have no idea what to put on when I get dressed because it pretty much comes down to (does this fit without making me still look pregnant) I feel like I am loosing my ability to recognize what is cute, to opt for what is comfortable (yuck) I am sure that this will turn around soon, but in the mean time all of you women who are all skinny and back in cute should feel very blessed and know that I am insanely jealous of you.

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