September 17, 2011


Let me preface my post today with this...I believe I have mentioned this before, but I am an elementary teacher. (Currently subbing do to the poor job market in Ohio) I have a love (okay obsession) with children's books.

Work has been truly great this time around. I have been subbing for awhile now (not by choice, by necessity) and this is the least stressed I've been entering a different classroom every day. Maybe it is my confidence in my teaching, maybe it is having more experience than ever, maybe it is the fact that I am a mommy, or all of this together.

I was in a first grade classroom of a friend yesterday. She had me do a lesson using the book below. It is all about how each person has an invisible bucket that can be filled or dipped into all day long. You can fill some one's bucket by being kind, helpful, and respectful. You can also dip into some one's bucket when you are negative, mean spirited, or rude.
 Have You Filled a Bucket Today?
 If you have not been around young children lately, you may be surprised how many do not have families that put emphasis on good character. I think this is a great read and something to share with your child because the best teacher a child will ever have is their own parent.

I also want to add that my own bucket was raised a little higher on Friday. One of the Kindergarten teachers in the building I was working in said to me, "Samantha, I've been meaning to tell you. Of all the subs, and tutors, and teachers looking for a job in this district right now, you are by far the most positive and pleasant to be around. You are always friendly and in good spirits. It is very refreshing. I really hope you end up getting a position because you really deserve it."

This really felt great and I appreciate his words so much. It is sometimes hard to stay positive (just see my previous posts) but I really do try. He could have kept this comment to himself, but he shared it with me, and it really meant a lot.

I hope that my readers find some inspiration in this post.


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