October 11, 2012

Wife Woes

Okay blogging world, I'm writing this post today with no other purpose then to bitch about my husband. I'm afraid that if I don't vent, I may end his life and I am too prissy for prison.

To some( those unmarried or in newly married honeymoon bliss) this will not seem like a big deal. To those married for longer than 2 years and/or have children, you will probably understand my frustration.

Over the summer, we painted our bedroom and since than I have been asking my husband to hang the pictures and mirror back on the wall. Why don't I just do it, you ask? Appropriate question... When you have been married a long time you recognize there are certain things your significant other needs to do. I would not hang them the "right way".

In addition, around this same time I took the changing table apart since Noah was out growing it. Then I decided to sell it to a second hand store, but we needed to put it back together. This is also still not done.

Annnnnddd, 3 weeks ago I bought a play kitchen for my nephew's second birthday and, you guessed it, I asked my husband to please put it together( what 2 year old wants to look at his kitchen in the box)

Well today is his birthday and who do you think is putting the play kitchen together..., ME !!!

What frustrates me the most is that I repeatedly, over the last couple months, have been reminding, harping, and asking him to please do these three things. Today he had the nerve to tell me that I "should have reminded him" he has " so much going on" blah blah blah.

Yes, I could have done all these things myself, but the point is that I asked HIM to do it. So the picture below is of the play kitchen I spent 2 hours putting together this morning ( including the little stickers )


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Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

I've only been married for a year and a half...and I SO know what it's like to need to vent a little!
My only advice (the little I have) is to just take a deep breath and go for a long walk by yourself. It always seems to help me.

You know what they say about a husband: you could kill him...but you'd miss him too much! haha :)

Hope you're feeling better!