October 3, 2012

Mommy Tip

I left Noah for five minutes in the living room alone. My husband called and he is out of town so I needed to just talk with him for a minute but my battery was about to die so I went to my bedroom to charge it.( mind you, we are a one floor condo so it was within sight and sound )

Then I hear a scraping sound on the hallway wall and look to see my son expressing his creativity with a ballpoint pen on my wall. Further inspection showed that he also explored his skin and my decorative couch pillow( seen in the picture)

Well, I called my aunt and she told me to blot with rubbing alcohol( I also googled searched this- even though you can't believe everything you read on the Internet) and.....IT WORKED like magic!!! Completely erased the marks from the pillow and wall! So Amazeballs, I had to share.

In conclusion: keep writing utensils far away from toddlers AND rubbing alcohol is a magic eraser.

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