April 2, 2013

To Work or Not to Work

I have been out of college for 6 years now. I've had some opportunities for long term classroom work, but I'm still waiting for a permanent position. In Ohio, there are so many people looking for teaching jobs and not enough positions. Every spring I send out my résumé and apply to openings( all online) and nothing happens.

Now that I'm expecting baby number two, for the first time I've been questioning working at all. I want to stay home with my new little nugget. She is due in late June and school starts in late August. If I did get hired, I'd be leaving a barely 2 month old. At the same time, I've been waiting years to teach in my own room and we really need two incomes.

I know you never get your kids as babies again, but if I work I'll be able to give them experiences that I either had or better. For example, a house with a yard, in a neighborhood, vacations, the chance to do extracurricular things like swim class or sports. Plus teachers get 2 months off in the summer and the holidays throughout the year. It still doesn't make leaving a little baby seem worth it. I hate leaving my kids with someone else, just so I can work.

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