April 3, 2013

Lost It

After two years of being a mom you think that you are starting to get the hang of things...but something always happens that makes me feel like I have no control.

Adam usually takes the dog out in the morning, but when he travels, I get the lovely task. Because we live in a condo, I have to leash Lola, put on boots and a coat, walk her outside and then pick up her steaming pile of crap. All this sucks and then add pregnancy on top of that.

Well, this glorious morning before 7:15 am I return from the lovely task of taking the dog out to find my 2 year old ( who I have to leave alone while taking the dog out) completely naked, with a poopy diaper on the floor, poop on his hands, and all over. I was gone for less than 10 minutes. I couldn't help it, I just screamed! As loud as I could, which of course made him cry.

Maybe it's my hormones from being pregnant, but I just couldn't stay calm... I yelled. So before breakfast we had to take a bath, I did laundry, and cleaned the carpet. While Noah was in the bath, I was able to just sit and calm down, but I couldn't help but think, " why is this my life?" We are human, we have weak moments and I think it's probably important that these things happen to us to keep us humble. I guess I should just be thankful this wasn't a morning I had to work. Now I just have to get him to his 2 year check up in an hour ( where he will have to get a shot)

If you read my previous post, it's days like these that put me in favor of working. Here's to a better day.

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