August 12, 2011

Baby Things I Love

One day, before Noah was born, I was shopping at Katie Bug's Kloset, the baby consignment shop I mentioned in a previous post. I came across these Carl books. I couldn't believe it! Books for children (only pictures, no words) featuring a Rottweiler! How Cool! My goal is to get the whole collection because there actually is a whole collection of these books. I'm not doing so well, seeing as I only have two, but I was going through Noah's book shelf today and I remembered that I wanted to get the rest of them.

                                  I also found.....

These fabulous black and white blocks. I was immediately drawn to them, maybe it's the teacher in me, but I love them. They are originally from ElegantBaby, but when I went to the website they were not there anymore. However, I did find several other things, unfortunately. I say unfortunately because I now have one more baby site to be obsessed with.

I came home from the gym (yes, the gym) and found my husband and Noah just like this. I grabbed the camera and told my husband to pick his book back up. We sort of have this motto, "whatever works"(of course safety is a priority) The Baby Bjorn has been one of the best gifts we received.


Lucija said...

Love the second photo, and the third is so cute!


Samantha said...

Thanks Lucija! When you see those little moments you just have to capture them.