August 11, 2011

A Great Deal

There is a local second hand baby store that I love to go to. They are very picky about what they except from others so I know that whatever I grab is in great condition. I don't have to look for stains, tears, or fading. Some of the clothes even have original tags still on them. They carry all the popular baby brands Like Gap, Old Navy, Faded Glory, Carters, and every once in awhile you see Guess, Ralph Lauren, or H & M.

I want Noah to have great clothes, but I am not going to spend tons of money on things he will only wear for a short time. Plus I can sell it all back to them when I'm done.

I am so excited for the things I bought today. It's tough to find cute baby boy clothes, especially ones that aren't all kitchy with characters on them. When I find great stuff I have to snatch it up. I found 4 pairs of pants, 4 shirts, 1 vest, and a onesie for........$45!!! Let me tell you, that is a great price.

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