July 26, 2011

Call Me Old Fashion

Although I appreciate technology and the advances that are being made, I still love traditional things. I get that a kindle is convenient, but I am a lover of books. I love holding a worn classic in my hand and turning the pages. Reading is more than just looking at the words. It is a complete sensory experience. I truly hope that with all the ebooks and Ipads, children still feel engaged by an actual story book. 

I just read an article in parentingthe early years magazine relating to this. It was in the August 2011 issue titled "Where Have Basic Skills Gone?" by Holly Pevzner. The first line said, "...practical skills in the preschool set are apparently being neglected as digital skills take over." Basically saying that children going into preschool can work a cell phone or a DVR but can't even tie their own laces or write their name. YIKES!

As a new mommy and a teacher I know enough to work with my child, but it is scary that people don't see the importance of hands on, basic skills for their children. So I am hoping that parents out there find a balance between current trends and technology and basic life skills and activities.

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