July 22, 2011

"Starving Artist"- How 'Bout Teacher

Believe it or not, it's pictures like this that get me EXCITED!! This is a shot of my very favorite area of a classroom...the library. This is my first teaching position. It was the most exciting and anxious time in my life. I was more calm about having a child than I was about this position. I really wanted to make a good impression and because it was my first class I was nervous to do anything "wrong". Since I was only hired on as a long-term substitute, it only lasted a year.

I have had another classroom since then and several sub jobs, but here I am 27, baby, married....no job. I am realizing I have a better chance of getting struck by lightening then I do getting a teaching job in Ohio. Move you say...well I have thought about it...but I am a stickler for my little bubble and I don't want to leave. Plus I don't think it's much better anywhere else.

So here I am, hoping and PRAYING that this is the year! So I have been meditating day and night about getting a call from a district offering me a job. I just can't give up on chasing this bubble!!

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