July 27, 2011

Doctor Anxiety

Okay, so apparently I am not the only new mom who hates to take their baby to the doctor. I made a post about my first visit and several other moms on Facebook made me feel better by saying they did the same thing. The first month I cried like a little baby when he had to get a shot. The second month I needed my grandma to come with me for back-up. She held Noah's hands while he got his shots and I had to look away until it was over and I still got a little teary-eyed. Now tomorrow is his 4 month shots and I am going to attempt to go alone and be a grown-up. I just figured I would be strong and know that my baby will be fine, but the emotional side of me takes over and I just loose it.

So here's hoping tomorrow I can stay calm and make it through the shots- I have anxiety about it already.

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