October 1, 2013

Yes, I'm still alive

Holy smokes! Everything has exploded, not a bomb but maybe a firework. Not only did I have a baby 3 months ago, but 3 DAYS before school started I was hired to teach kindergarten. I have posted some pictures of the storage room that I needed to transform into a functioning classroom. 

Some other explosions that have caused me not to post in over a month in a half...still showing our house to sell it, taking an online class to update my license, and trying to mother two children.

It's been challenging to say the least. I definitely feel mommy guilt leaving the kids everyday but I've been waiting so long for my own classroom. Finding a balance is still alluding me. 


Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

Holy moly! Your classroom looks amazing! Great job!

Mommy guilt is totally normal...I feel it too. :( You're not alone! I just did a post about surviving your first few weeks back to work after baby. It's tough, but women are amazing and can handle anything!

Samantha said...

It's not easy. But I do feel like Wonder Woman because aside from my kids being at the sitter while I'm at work, I do it all by myself. Okayyyyy, the hubby helps when he's at home, but when he travels-it's all me. No nanny, no au pair, no assistant.