October 19, 2013

Mommy Woes

Life moves by so fast that when the weekends come I need time to catch my breath. Here we are on Saturday night, it's 9:30 and my 2 1/2 year old is still up talking to himself in bed. (I gave him a bath, he had some milk, played with my phone, threw a tantrum, and then let me rock him for a bit.) My 4 month old had her bath and is drinking her bottle now with my husband. If all goes according to plan, she will fall asleep too. Now, pre-children, 9:30 would mean hours and hours of fun, a few drinks, maybe a movie or some "cuddling". Post children.... 9:30 looks like I have about a half hour before I am going to crash.  The good news is tomorrow is Sunday, the bad news is tomorrow is Sunday. 

As a working mother, Sunday means writing up lesson plans and organizing myself for the week. Grocery shopping and pre-packing the diaper bag. We may fit in a trip to the pumpkin patch but that's about it. Oh, I forgot taking the children to church by myself because my husband will be going into work (yes, into work on a Sunday). So, in reference to my post title, mommy woes means that the stars in the show (the kids) get all the love and attention and applause, while the people behind the scenes (mom) gets zero recognition. I mean most of the time I can go on and on and not think about it, but sometimes it just hits you. I really wanted to paint my nails, get a haircut, and start working out again but none of that happened. 

Here's to an eventful Sunday and then the start of another hectic, crazy week. To those of you who read my little blog....we still have not sold our condo (dying inside every day this place does not sell)

But here's what makes the mommy woes all worth it....


Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

Oh! Your family is so adorable!! It certainly is worth it, isn't it? :)

Samantha said...

Yes, it's worth it,but I feel like we need to come up with a different way of saying that it's worth it. Because it doesn't seem healthy to feel like you are so stressed and have no time for anything so to say that "it's worth it" is like a cheap blow because of course our children are everything, but there just needs to be another way of saying it.