July 14, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Well, my poor little baby woke up in the middle of the night with a 102.5 fever. His whole little body was on fire and he just wanted to be held. He came in bed with me, but because he was moving around so much my husband moved to the other bed in our hotel room. (figures) so I'm up, holding this hot little nugget. He is still getting through his fever as we sit at home.

His favorite show Little Einsteins is on and he's playing while my husband and I are sitting on the couch watching his show. (figures)

Real life kicks in so fast you have to remind yourself that you actually were on vacation. So here are just a couple last minute vacation pictures, including one of Noah feeling less than perfect and one of him making friends with another adorable little toddler at the pool.


Eimear OReilly said...

ah hope he gets better soon!


Samantha said...

Thank you