July 19, 2012

Baby number two?

No, I'm not having another... My best friend just had her little boy. It's funny because as soon as you have one baby people want to know when you are having another. I really am enjoying Noah and am not in a rush to have another. Kids are a lot of work and Noah is at a very demanding toddler stage so I can't imagine giving a second baby the devotion I gave my first.

Not to mention, that since babies change everything, my body could take a huge beating. Since it isn't even back to what it use to look like, a second baby could completely destroy me.

Also, we live in a one story condo, which is already bursting at the seems with toys and stuff. I just done know where we would put another being and all the things it would come with.

So for now, I will get my baby fix from my friend's little one.

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