August 23, 2011

I really have to stop shopping

I went back to Katie Bug's Kloset because I am obsessed and I have a shopping problem. I will admit it. Since I can't fit into my old size of clothes I refuse to buy anything for myself. The answer to this for the baby. As you can see below, I found 5 shirts, 4 pants, a onesie, three books, and a set of flashcards for $47! Now I think this is a great price.
I couldn't resist on the books, you'll see why below. 

I'm digging through their books and I find this one! A story featuring Rottweilers, what are the odds of that. If I hadn't gone to the store than I wouldn't have found this great find. My other obsession, in case I failed to mention, is children's books. I could probably start my own library with the amount of books I have, but I can't stop.

To top it all off my beautiful little man is 5 months old Today- August 23rd! I just can't believe how fast time has gone.

Just a side note...I really hate bibs. I wish they made really fashionable ones or ones that blended in with outfits (for cheap). I hate bibs because they cover up the cute outfit, but my child drools and barfs constantly so I need to have him wear them.


kelli case anderson said...

i saw the cutest bibs on etsy the other day! if i find them i will send you the link!

kelli case anderson said...

i like these ones!

Samantha said...

Wow! Thanks!