January 7, 2013

Moving On!!!

Aside from being clearly overjoyed to be having a second baby.... I am seriously, almost equally ecstatic to be starting the house search/sale of our current home!!! I CAN'T STAND OUR HOME!

We just don't have the space for another child here. Don't think I'm not grateful to have a home in the first place; especially in lieu of all the recent tragedies. We have lived in our little condo (which was suppose to be temporary) for almost six years. A 100 pound dog, toddler, and new baby later... It's time to spread our wings.

I am nervous about the house search. We just went to an open house yesterday. The home was beautiful and had many of my wish list items, but the negatives were deal breakers. This new baby is coming in June and I'm wondering if we will find and sell by then? An exciting journey, nonetheless. Here are just a couple pics of the home we looked at. The negatives were a very small yard, a duplex right next door, and a train you could see and hear right in the back yard, oh and there wasn't a fireplace. I just couldn't get past those things, no matter how pretty the home was.

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