July 23, 2012

Uh oh!!

I hope this isn't some sort of sign....
I vacuumed up my wedding rings :( Yes, it was an accident. It's one of those moments where the "f" bombs fly and you cannot believe you have done something so stupid.

I took them off while putting lotion on the baby after his bath. Well, if you have ever tried to hold a 16 month old still to do lotion, diaper, and Jammie's you may understand more how I was able to do such a dumb thing. I completely forgot about them and consequently, we also had new carpet installed earlier that day. I wanted to vacuum it before putting all the furniture back. I then decided to do a quickie through the other rooms and the babies room was next. In less than 10 seconds of hearing the horrific sound the vacuum makes when sucking something up it shouldn't- I knew exactly what I did.

Long story short, I found my engagement ring in the brush part, Bent to an unwearable shape. The wedding band was not so lucky, as you can see below it looks more like a staple with diamonds on it.

Very sad and very stupid

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