October 27, 2011

Seven Months

Holy Smokes! My Little Man is 7 months old already! I just can't believe it. He is doing so many things already. He pulls himself up to a standing position and even takes a couple wobbly steps. He is eating very small, soft finger foods and getting use to a sippy cup. He is such a good, mellow baby we are so blessed.

He just means the world to me and nothing really matters if he is not happy and healthy. I have never loved anyone or anything as much as I love Noah. (Except for God of course, because if it wasn't for him we wouldn't have our little man in our lives)

It has been said so many times; A baby changes everything!


AaReAn said...

I second that completely...a baby truly does change everything! My little baby girl is almost one! Your little one is just adorable!

I came across your blog and just had to comment :-)



Samantha said...

Thanks Aarean! Comment away- I love it!