September 8, 2011

At Peace

I think I am finally at peace with the fact that I am subbing again this year. I thought about all the negatives and positives. There are far more negatives, but the positive is so huge, that it has made me realize this is what is intended for me at this point in time. I just have to have faith that next year will be the year. I thought I would share my list below. My negative list really hurts my heart. I am so grateful to not miss out on my little man's first year that "the positives exceed the negatives".

The negatives:
*owing Kent thousands of dollars to not have a career
*a huge financial strain on our family
*storing A TON of materials in my parent's basement
*feeling like I have not accomplished my goals(basically called a loser)
*money (well, it's a big one)
*my license is going to expire soon
*having to work in other people's rooms
*not being able to move because we can't afford it on one income
*having feelings of not being good enough, even though I am
*the impatience of waiting 6 years for a career that I should have already

*I get to spend more time with Noah compared to working full time
*zero work stress


Nicole Jeannette said...

Aww I love that little bear suit!!

Samantha said...

Thank you Nicole. I was seeing if it still fit him because it's still too warm to wear it. He just looked so cute I took a picture.

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

Wow! Your little man is adorable! I would say he outweighs any and all negatives! Don't worry, everything will be alright! :)

Samantha said...

Thanks Rod and Alex! He is everything! I appreciate the comment.