March 10, 2013


I truly do not want to wish bad things on people because we never know what's going on in their life to cause them to come across as inconsiderate in our life, but.... I would like to wish diarrhea on the lady who requested to see our place Saturday and then did not show up. She did not call, email, or text that she was unable to make it and I find that disrespectful and rude.

In case you have never showed a home before, it's not just "oh come on in" its cleaning your house so that you could preform a surgery in any given room. It's hiding the clutter and toys so the house looks neat and inviting. Its taking the dog and child out of the home for the time of the showing. It's a lot of work to just have someone not show up or call at all. 

It was an especially beautiful weekend in Cleveland and we spent the whole day cleaning, we could have been outside enjoying the beautiful day. On top of all of this, I am sick as a dog and pregnant. I am aware that this type of thing happens all the time and is something we will just have to prepare for again, but it does not change the fact that it really gets my blood flowing. 

So...I really hope that nothing horrific happened in this woman's life, but otherwise, I cannot imagine why it would be so difficult to text or email that she would be unable to attend- a little human decency would have been nice.

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