December 10, 2012

HO, HO, HO!!!

Last Year, I had Noah's pictures done by a photographer and they came out awesome. There is a throw-back below. This year, my husband was one photo session away from heart failure, so I decided to just take them myself and make our card through Walgreens (stupid order still came out to be $50 when all was said and done.) The pictures below are my attempts at a Pinterest inspired holiday photo shoot. However, anyone with a Toddler will appreciate (yes, Toddler gets a capital letter in my opinion) how difficult it is to get a quality photo that is not blurred by the constant motion of a 20 month old. Noah was not having much to do with cooperating, but the good thing only need one good shot! 

This is last  years Christmas Card...

P.S. Anyone else having an uploading images issue because Picasa Web Albums is past its free 1GB space requirement. I'm not paying for my blog or any picture storage but I have no technology sense at all. Is there some way around this? What are my options? I deleted the Lola page from my blog just to free up space to continue to make posts with pictures. 

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